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Control tasks for students and trainees correspondence courses on the subject "of lawyers and notaries"

National Institute named after Catherine the Great

Volume: 105 pages (including cover sheet)

Font: Times New Roman - 14pt - half interval.

File: MS Word

The attached list of literature (up to 3 sources) for each answer to a question

The work meets all the requirements for registration requirements

Size: 68.5 KB


Theme 1. The objectives of the principles and objectives of the Bar

1. The main tasks and objectives of the legal profession

2. provide legal aid lawyers.

3. The rights and obligations of attorneys.

4. The principles of the legal profession.

5. Types of legal aid provided by it.

6. Taxation lawyers.

7. Promotion and disciplinary responsibility of lawyers.

8. The attorney-client privilege.

9. Acquisition of the status of a lawyer.

10. Admission to the qualification examination and surrender.

11. Assignment of the lawyer.

12. The procedure for registration of lawyers.

13. Adding information about a lawyer in the Register.

14. The acquisition and termination of the status of lawyer.

15. Guarantee the independence of lawyers.

16. The forms of lawyer formations.

2. Subject to regulate the activity of lawyers.

1. The right to legal aid as a constitutional human right.

The legal basis for the activities of lawyers.

3. The right to a lawyer.

4. The rights and obligations of a lawyer with the assistance of the court of first instance.

Help attorney in cassation, appellate and supervisory jurisdiction.

4. The differences in the powers of attorney for participation in criminal and civil proceedings.

The certificate authority lawyers.

Restrictions on the activities of lawyers.

9. Liability lawyer.

10. The regulation of lawyers.

Remuneration of lawyers.

Reimbursement of expenses to pay a lawyer.

Persons entitled to free legal advice service.

14. Participation of lawyers in cases involving state secrets.

15. The notion of state secrets.

16. Powers of attorney in cases involving state secrets.

17. The responsibility for the disclosure of information related to state secrets.

Subject 3. Definition of notary and its objectives.

1. Basic concepts used in notarial practice: Notary, Chamber of Notaries and the notary.

2. Competence and tasks of notary bodies.

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