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Statistics capital construction is an independent part of economic statistics, which studies how the capital construction sector of the economy, which ensures the reproduction of fixed assets - an important element of the economic potential of the country.

Table of Contents:

1) the purpose and objectives of the statistics of capital construction.

2) Statistics investments and product development.

3) Problems of statistics production building. Stages of construction products according to the degree of its readiness.

4) Accounting for construction products. Methods of studying the dynamics of the volume of construction products.

5) The objectives of Statistics labor force. Indicators of the number and composition of the labor movement.

6) The main indicators of productivity. Dynamics of average output.

7) The concept of wages. The forms and systems of remuneration.

8) Payroll and analysis of its use.

9) Indicators of the composition, scope, status and effectiveness of the use of fixed assets.

10) The objectives of financial results of enterprise statistics. Performance of construction companies and profitability.

11) The financial sustainability of the enterprise.
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