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This "engine" for the creation of online shops. PHP-scripts and a web service.

Shop-Script - a first script online store in RuNet, integrated with social networks, "Vkontakte" and "Facebook". Also now supports data exchange with "1C: Trade Management"

The benefits of creating an online store using WebAsyst Shop-Script:

* Immediately ready for operation

* 150+ features

* 19 beautiful design templates

* SEO - optimized for search engines

* Round the clock technical support

Open source


Written in PHP using the DBMS MySQL. No encrypted files - completely open PHP-scripts. This allows you to modify your store as you want.

No programming skills required

To install and work with WebAsyst Shop-Script not need programming skills - to work with the store enough to be able to use a web browser, and for installation in hosting a follow instructions. The ability to program only need if you want to change the script. Edit design also does not require programming skills - the basic design modifications can be done using the built-in editor, and more complex - editing stylesheets (CSS).

Internet shop - it is customary for each user of the Internet web sites of products in a convenient structured form. Visitors choose products, add them to your cart and place orders. The shop owner receives a notification of the order by e-mail and SMS, and processes orders in the mode of administration.

Design your store is changed via a web browser - you can customize the design visually by dragging the parts store on the page with the mouse (drag and drop), you can edit the HTML-code pages have full access to the CSS-Style shop. All through the browser.

The shop is fully operational

Only need to buy and install WebAsyst Shop-Script - and you can start working. Select a design, add products, take orders.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:

- Full Name;

- E-mail address (email);

These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of sale of goods.
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