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This set of books selected to make the first steps in online business beginners who are facing various difficulties.
The complex consists of books (with resale rights)

1. "The rapid creation of high-yielding niche products"

Author: James Jackson

In this e-book, James Jackson elaborated on quite a number of issues related to the theme of the book - the rapid creation of highly profitable niche products.

Every reader in this book will be able to find at least one (or even several) profitable home business ideas, it is suitable for him and his situation in which he finds himself.

2. "Seven innermost secrets maximum sales"

Author: Yanik Silver

This e-book will teach you to use in your sales letter seven unique techniques that will make your business proposal inevitable for each potential customer!

Imagine how much new sales of your electronic product (and not just electronic) you will make through careful study of the material in this book.

3. "Seven Secrets of drawing up effective ads for Yandex"

Author: Dmitry Pechёrkin

Today, one of the best strategies for earning affiliate programs on information products without their own site and mailing system is the contextual advertising Yandex.

In his special report "7 Secrets for drawing up effective ads Yandex" Dmitry Pechёrkin presents your entire experience of successful advertising campaigns in Yandeks.Direkte.
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