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Term paper on the subject, RIU


Problem Statement.

Company "Lotus" sells audio and video products. It has an extensive network of shops and warehouses, both in Moscow and in the regions.

Setting. Develop a management information system for the optimal management of the company.

The order of performance.

Step 1. Determine the source data for the development of management information systems.

1 .Vyyavit common problems of the management company.

2. Identify the target system.

3.Opredelit limitations of the system.

4.Opredelit information needs. Construct a matrix of information needs.

5. Identify sources of information.

Step 2: Build a network management system development schedule.

1 .Sostavlenie cost estimates.

2. Creation of the system of delivery of messages and control.

Step 3: Development of information system.

1 .Razrabotat alternative general construction of the system.

2. Select one of the alternatives the most optimal.

Step 4: Conduct a general construction of the system documentation.

1 .Obschy flow system.

2.Vhodnye data system.

3.Vyhodnye data system.

4.Other necessary documentation.

Step 5: Develop a plan for the implementation of the management information system.

1 .Set the task to implement the system

2. Set the relationship between tasks.

3.Sostavit schedule operations.

4. Identify the organizational work to implement the system.

Step 6. Determine the prospects of development of this system.

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