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Link to zabugorny service sending SMS to more than 500 countries and with the ability to specify the identifier of the sender of almost any !!!! Ie if you want to rearrange SMS to his friend and that he thought it was going to tell him it's SMS from the operator in the field need to write from such Megafon ...

To realize this, you can directly from the service, either through the pre-download the program, as presented on the website ..

When you register you must specify the actual mobile number which is sent to the line of activation - which must be the goal, either directly into the appropriate field site service, or in the program ...

Caution As you can send a sample of 5 to 10 SMS (5 pieces - in the case of activation via the program 10 - activation via the website) from one of the activated mobile nomera..Dlya continuing FREE use, you must register as described above a new mobile number, the NDP, your friend ( Naturally it is necessary to ask him to read you your activation code has come to sms) ...
The powerful thing, working with operators RUSSIA! Possibility strongly "scare" you know, suddenly came smskoy the operator chief, he fired !! =)
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