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The control system battles on the site BitvaCMS has such features:

- Create, edit, delete, moderation battles.

- Management of possible answers to the battle. Unlimited number of responses to the battle.

- Upload the image in response (automatic image resizing with these settings in the administration panel sizes).

- Management of users who have access to the admin of the site.

- Logging authorization administrators.

- Enable users to make their proposals for the battle. In the administrative panel of the relevant section of view there is the added offers.

- Support for website templates.

- Visual Editor templates in the admin site.

- Support output caching content on the site. Supported caching file caching, Apc, Eaccelerator, Memcache, Xcache. By default, the file cache is enabled. Now, to display pages with the existing cache database queries are not executed.

- Compression and minimize CSS and JavaScript to improve page load.

- WYSIWYG-editor to edit the description of the battle.

- Replacement of 404-page errors can change design of template error (404.tpl).

The system supports a vote by:

- VKontakte

- Classmates

- Mail.Ru

- Twitter

- Facebook

The system is completely safe protection against vulnerabilities across an object access to the database and perform filtering on the side of the model.

Required minimum requirements for BitvaCMS:

- PHP is not lower than 5.1

- Included modules PHP: mb_string, mysql

- Web Server (mod_rewrite rules for Apache)
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