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1). Solve the system of linear equations.

2). To investigate whether the system of equations is consistent, in the case of compatibility to solve it.

3). Given four vector Show that the vectors form a basis, and to find the coordinates of the base.

4). Given the coordinates of the vertices of the pyramid. Search:

1. The length of the ribs;

2. The angle between the ribs and;

3. The angle between the edge and the face;

4. The area of \u200b\u200bthe face;

5. The volume of the pyramid;

6. The equation of the line;

7. The equation of the plane;

8. The equation of the height dropped from the top to the brink; Make a drawing.

5). Given two forces, and applied to point A. Find a job that makes a resultant of these forces if its point of application, moving in a straight line, move to point B.
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