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1.PBU 14/2007 does not apply to:

2. When adopting the accounting records of intangible assets as necessary to satisfy a number of conditions:

3. In the financial statements reflect:

4.Delovaya reputation of the organization can be defined as the difference between:

5.Srok useful IP - is the period during which:

6. Intangible assets received for use accounted user organization:

7. The intellectual property includes:

8. Patent issued to the following IP objects:

9. The certificate is issued on the following IP objects:

10. The object of evaluation in the patent law may be eligible for:

11. The objects of the invention are:

12. An industrial design - is:

13. The main differences between a utility model of the invention are as follows:

14. An appellation of origin - is:

15. The topology of integrated circuits - is:

16. The classification of IP under the know-how means:

17. Trade secrets requires:

18. Right to curb unfair competition refers to the object:

19. The patent - is:

20. The certificate is issued on the following IP objects:

21. Conditions for patentability:

22. The maximum period of validity of a trademark:

23. The maximum possible term of a patent for an invention:

24. Patents for industrial designs are issued for:

25. Copyright is valid for:

7. The maximum possible term of a patent for a utility model:

8. Copyright arises because:

9. Indefinitely protected by the following rights:

10. The composition of intellectual capital are:

30. Royalties - is:

31. License Agreement - is:

32. transferable right to use IP assets is based on the findings:

33. In assessing the value of intellectual property, the following types of expertise:

34. Action of security documents may be terminated prematurely due to:

35. The official title of protection (patent, certificate) shall be issued:

36. A person who uses this IP object under a license agreement, must have the following documents:

37. Contributions to the charter capital may be:

38. The basic rule adjustments in the implementation of the sales comparison method:

39. The method of qualitative analysis to adjust the data to all the characteristics of an object analog given:

40. The higher the rating evaluation of the object in the method of qualitative analysis, the:

41. If the deal wins the licensor, it means that:

42. In the balance sheet intangible assets are:

43. The method of indexing the cost is:

44. The object of intellectual property inherent in these types of wear:

45. The coefficient of obsolescence shows how:

46. \u200b\u200bThe ratio of technical and economic significance is determined to:

47. discounting expected cash flows used when:

48. Calculations by the method of profit sharing benefits allow us to determine the value:

49. The method of splitting profits based on the premise:

50. The method of discounted cash flow value of the IP object:

51. The share of the licensor in additional revenue from the sale of products using the invention can be determined by applying:

52. The method of excess profits allows us to calculate:

53. The discount rate and the cap rate - is:

54. The lower limit of the discount rate is:

55. The risk-free rate is determined on the basis of:

56. In accordance with the stock option model price of the EC:

57. Advantages of the method options are as follows:

58. In assessing the theory of option pricing is used to determine the value:

59. In accordance with the Civil Code is a violation of the exclusive rights of the following:

60. Products deemed counterfeit if:

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