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1. When analyzing costs in the method of discounted cash flows should be considered:

2.Stoimost object of evaluation, if the subject being evaluated should be alienated in the period shorter than normal exposure time is unique:

3.Okazyvaet whether the effect on the risk level size of the enterprise?

4.Otsenschik indicates the valuation date of the object in the evaluation report, following the principle:

5.Metod "prospective sale" based on the following assumptions:

6. What method will provide more reliable data on the cost of the company, if it has recently emerged and has significant physical assets?

7. If the method of discounted cash flows using debt-free cash flow, the investment analysis is investigated:

8.The than the method based capital market:

9. As of the following methods are used to calculate the residual value for the existing businesses?

10.Dlya debt-free cash flow discount rate is calculated:

11.Verno, whether the assertion in the case of a stable level of income indefinitely capitalization rate is the discount rate?

12. When the growth rate of the company are mild and predictable, it is used:

13.S using any method you can determine the value of non-controlling interest:

14.Transformatsiya reporting is required in the evaluation process of the enterprise.

15.Dlya cash flow to equity discount rate is calculated:

16.Nuzhno whether the evaluator to conduct an analysis of the financial condition of the enterprise:

17. In determining the market value at the market must be understood:

18.Chtoby determine the value at stake in the privately held company is necessary because of the cost of the controlling stake to deduct a discount of insufficient liquidity:

19.Kakie components include investment analysis for the calculation of the cash flow model for equity?

20.Nedostatok of approach to business valuation model eliminates the Edwards-Bell-Olson?

21.Multiplikator - the ratio between the sale and any financial measure:

22. Business - is:
23.Stavka discount - it

24.Normalizatsiya reporting is aimed at:

25.Raschet residual value is needed to:


1. It is known that the current assets of the company is 200 000 700 000 the amount of assets, borrowing 300 000 to determine the coefficient of autonomy. Specify the solution.

2. It is known that the company's revenues expected to be recovered in the middle of each year, up to the first year of 300,000, in the second year - 400,000 in the third year - 350 000; the discount rate - 8%. Determine the present value of cash flows. Specify the solution.

3. The price of the company's equity of 7%, 10% debt, the share of debt capital in the whole capital of the company to 50%. Determine the average cost of capital. Specify the solution.

4. Determine the value of the enterprise income approach, if we know that the forecast revenue for the first year amounted to 300,000 CU, the second - 550 000 CU, the third - 700 000 CU, long-term growth rate of cash flow 5% .In addition, it is known that the risk-free rate of return of 12%, the coefficient  - 0,9, the market premium - 5%.

Enter the solution:

5. Determine the value of the enterprise market approach, if it is known that the multiplier / E ratio of peers was 6.3; Price / cash flow 10.5; price / revenue 4.3. Activities of the evaluated company is unprofitable, its revenues amounted to 1 200 000 CU, cash flow 200 000 CU

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