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Task №1. The purpose of evaluation is to determine the market value of 100% of shares of JSC "Molokoproduct" as of 01.01.2011., Located in the Tver region. The information in this report assessment will be offered to potential investors to decide on the amount of investment in the production of dairy products. Schedule study: from 01-20 February 2011.

Evaluate the market value of "Molokoproduct" income approach, if there is the following background information:

Task № 2. Using the information specified in Table 7 - 10, determine the market value of "Molokoproduct" comparative approach.

Problem № 3. Evaluate the market value of "Molokoproduct" cost approach.

Not reflected in the balance sheet land area of \u200b\u200b3 hectares. The market value of one hundred square meters of land is 48 000 rubles.

Task № 4. As a result of problems №№ 1, 2 and 3 perform the coordination of the results and bring the total value of the assessed company.

Task № 5. Evaluate the resale value of "Elma" on 01.01.2009. The starting materials and auxiliary materials are placed in tables №№ 12-15. The discount rate, calculate and justify yourself (it may be different for different types of assets). The value of liabilities includes accounts payable and is 7.5 million rubles.

Developed and approved the following schedule of liquidation of the assets of the enterprise.

The task № 6. In determining the value of 100% stake in the company "XXX" used in the discounted cash flow method and net assets as a result of the following results:

Discounted cash flow method - 10,275,000 rubles.

Method of net assets - 10,785,000 rubles.

An analysis of the situation of the enterprise and enable us to establish a discount on the cost of a non-controlling stake in the company valued at 25%.

After analyzing the factors affecting the size of the discount for lack of liquidity, namely, the lack of demand and supply of shares on the stock market; Analysts concluded that the lack of necessary liquidity discount of 40%, which corresponds to the average discount in the Russian Federation.

It is necessary to determine the market value of the 30% stake.

Calculating the cost of a 30% stake =

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Огромное спасибо, практикум приняли, все отлично )))))
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