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1. The bag has five identical cubes. On all faces of each cube is written, one of the following letters: G, P, F, G, T. Find likelihood that taken out one by one and arranged in one line blocks can read the word "sport".

2. In the box containing three identical parts, cast a standard item, and then randomly removed one piece. Find the probability that the extracted standard item, if equally all possible assumptions about the number of standard parts, which are originally in the box.

3. The bag blended yarn including 30% of white, red and others. Determine the probability that a randomly laid out two strands are: a) of the same color; b) of different colors.

4. Given the laws of distribution of 2 independent random variables:

Create distribution law of their works. Check that the following properties of the mathematical expectation M (XY) = M (X) M (Y)

5. Sort the sample to the length of the interval h = 0,9 hours and build the frequency polygon.

6. At the telephone exchange the observations of a number of wrong connections per minute. Observations for one hour yielded the following results:

Find the sample mean, variance and its unbiased estimate.

7. Considering that the relationship between the variables X and Y is given by .... Find estimation of the parameters of the next sample

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