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Course work in discipline

"The practice of evaluating securities"

Option 1

I draw your attention that the course work have to give up and were protected, at the time of the issues the teachers they have not bylo.Estestvenno from other teachers may have comments to them, so need your minimal modifications.

Buying these works you take all the risks are not the successful defense of diploma and course works, if you fail to make the appropriate changes and calculations.

Estimating the cost of ownership of the securities represented in the form of ordinary shares in the amount of 1 000 000 OJSC "VolgaTelecom".

Table of Contents 2

Introduction 4

Section 1. Setting the evaluation 6

Overview 6

Evaluation Procedure 6

Assumptions and limiting conditions 8

Section 2. Description of the evaluation 11

Section 3. Used regulations 19

Federal laws and the laws of the Russian Federation 19

Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation: 20

Section 4. Market valuation object 21

Section 5. Information on the issuer of the security. 25

5.1. Markets Service 25

5.2. Corporate governance 26

5.3. The company's capitalization 28

5.4. Risk management 29

5.5. The results of activity in 2010 31

Section 6. Approaches and methods of evaluation. 36

Income approach 36

The cost approach. 37

Comparative Approach 39

Section 7. Determining the market value of the evaluation 40

Income approach 40

Cost Approach 45

Comparative Approach 47

Reconciliation of the results 48

Conclusion 50

References 52

Applications 53

The decision to issue 53

Balance (Form №1) 54
Term paper "Valuation of Securities"

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