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What are the ingredients:

1. All TESTS economic and legal (audit, accounts management, microeconomics, Tax, legal basis)

2.OTSENKA PROPERTY (test questions, test framework for assessing the value of real estate, real estate appraisal workshop, test pricing in construction, course YOUR CASE)

3. Evaluation of the Earth (Valuation of land)

4.Otsenka machinery and equipment (test framework for assessing the value of machinery and transport equipment, test pricing in mechanical engineering and instrumentation, test practice valuation Machinery and equipment, course YOUR CASE)

5.OTSENKA IA and IC (workshop in Eksele test IP as a special object of evaluation, course on your choice)

6.OTSENKA COMPANIES (workshop business, test the discipline of your OSP variant)

7.OTSENKA Securities (tasks for the discipline OSTSB (new) Tests OSTSB (new), course on your choice)

Any certification works from presented for sale.

I draw your attention that the Verification as course work has to give up and were protected, at the time of the issues the teachers they have not bylo.Estestvenno from other teachers may have comments to them, so need your minimal modifications.

Buying these works you take all the risks are not the successful defense of diploma and course works, if you fail to make the appropriate changes and calculations.

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1.Metodika "PRACTICES AND EXAMPLES OF COMPARATIVE ADJUSTED real estate evaluation (sale and rent) .PRIBYL UNDERTAKING AND EXTERNAL IZNOS.OTSENKA infrastructure facilities."

2.Besplatnuyu consultation on organizational matters and the immediate delivery of the thesis
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- 5.OTSENKA IA and IC - variant №;

- 6.OTSENKA COMPANIES - version №;

- 7.OTSENKA SECURITIES - variant №;

- Attestation work topic :;

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