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Product Content:

1. Strategy and upwards

2. Analytics

3. Principles of bookmakers

4. The rules of betting on the example of the bookmaker 'Marathon'

5. List bookmakers (more than 100)

Strategy of financial management - a system, which are designed to control your capital (the bank), that is the amount that you give out to bid. The main objective of these strategies - optimize the gain and reduce the likelihood of a financial collapse, there is a possibility that you will lose everything. So the choice of the correct amount to bet is no less, and perhaps even more important in the game with the bookies, than the choice of events to bet most of the strategies of financial management moved from gambling such as roulette, some came directly to the development of sports betting.


- Fixed (flat)

- Percentage of the pot

- D'Alembert (D'Alembert)

- Grind Oscar (Oscar Grind)

- Kelly criterion (Kelly criteria)

1) strategies related to the optimization of bets on the outcome of the match. It betting strategies that optimize the gain from bets on different events, which depend on the outcome of the match. Methods in principle universal, but differ for different types of bets on the outcome of the match.

- Rate 1-X-2

- The rates at the expense of the match

- The outcome of the first half rate / Match Result

- Betting on totals

- * Corridors *

2) strategies based on the so-called Dogon.

- Dogon - a general definition

- Double-Dogon

- Method Ivanov Pavel

- Dogon using progressions

3) other - under a broad definition of the strategy were not included in the above group, but nevertheless very important:

- Plugs * * (risk-free bets)

- Value Betting

- Strategy * Do not put all *

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