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1.Access 3-methyl-butyne-1 using a Grignard reagent. Write to synthesized alkyne reaction equation with: a) with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst; b) bromo; c) hydrogen bromide; g) sodium amide in liquid ammonia; d) water in the presence of a catalyst.

2. Write the intermediate and final products in the following diagram:


4 metilpentin 2 ----  A -----  In -----------  With D ------------- ----   E

Spirt.r Pt-p-p spirt.r

What are the compounds of the systematic nomenclature. Disassemble the mechanism of the conversion reaction product C product D

3.Privedite scheme and corresponding reaction equations synthesis of glycerol from propane. Write for the resulting alcohol reaction: a) with thionyl chloride; b) HI.

4.Napishite reaction equations corresponding to the following scheme and name the connections of systematic nomenclature:

NaOH 3H2

chlorobenzene ---------  A ------  In -----------  With

vodn.r Mr. Ni, toC Cu, 250oC

Give the equation for the latest product of reactions: a) phosphorus pentachloride; b) hydrazine.

5.The will affect the acetic acid solution, and then sequentially perform alloying with alkali, reacting with one molecule of chlorine under the action of light. The resulting product was hydrolyzed and then oxidized. Call connection.

6.Napishite all theoretically possible compounds that can be syn-ized by the reaction of intermolecular dehydration of a mixture of benzyl alcohol and 2,3-dimetilbutanola-2. Give an appropriate reaction equations.

7.Napishite reaction equations corresponding acid and alkaline hydrolysis of stearic acid triglyceride, triolein reacted with: a) hydrogen; b) potassium permanganate in an alkaline environment.

8.Napishite reaction equations corresponding to the following scheme:


acetyl chloride --------------  A ----  In -----  With -----  D

Call intermediate and final compounds.
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