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DM 04 Economic Analysis of State University of Land Management (GOOSE)

Test task number 12

Whether it located in the Moscow region warehouse of prefabricated construction hangar type to be sold as a property to a foreign buyer on delivery of DAP Incoterms?

Possible answers

Test task number 21

Calculate the total capitalization ratio for the evaluation of the property, if: the share of equity in the financing of the transaction is equal to 40% of the capitalization rate for the equity - 10% used samoamortiziruyuschiysya mortgage for 25 years at 12.5% \u200b\u200bwith monthly payment of debt service payments

Test task number 22

Which of the following reflects the essence of the concept of "market value"?

Possible answers

Test task number 26

Which approach is most suitable assessment in the evaluation of a large office building?

Possible answers

Test task number 27

What factors are considered in gross rental multiplier?

Test task number 59

What is the assessment of the value of the method of direct capitalization income?

Test task number 83

Which of the two projects is preferable for the following cash flows and rate of return of 6%.

Year 0 1 2 3

Project A -10 000 2 000 2 000 12 000

Project B -10 000 5 500 4500 5030

DM 04 Economic Analysis of State University of Land Management (GOOSE)
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