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1. 117 degree page

2. Presentation

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Diploma on "Customs-tariff regulation of foreign trade activities as a set of methods to influence the foreign trade turnover of the Russian Federation (on the example of Zelenograd customs of Moscow)" was protected in 2007.



Chapter 1. Study

The economic essence and theoretical basis of FEA FCS

1.1 Organization of the Customs Service of the Russian Federation

1.2 Economic and organizational support of the customs service at the production level

1.3 Organisation in the territorial and sectoral scale FCS

Chapter 2. Project

Structure of Foreign Trade FCS in the administrative and territorial unit (ATU)

2.1 Economic-organizational communication FEA FCS in ATE

2.2 The dynamics of the development and reorganization of the Federal Customs Service at the territorial level (for example, the Zelenograd customs)

2.3 Rationale for the organization of foreign trade activities in the territory of the Federal Customs Service

2.4 Ways of improving the functioning of the FEA FCS

Chapter 3: Economic and Law

An analysis of the legal framework regulating foreign economic activities and customs duties on the movement of goods and vehicles (for example, Zelenograd customs of Moscow of the Russian Federation)

Chapter 4. Economic -psihologicheskaya

Formation of managerial staff in the Zelenograd Customs Moscow





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