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Diploma I wrote completely. Protection. On the Internet, this subject is practically nothing. :-)

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Evaluation of commercial risks of commercial enterprise and ways of their minimizatsii.doc

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Non-government higher professional educational institution

Ural Institute of Economics Management and Law

Department of Business Economy

To allow for the protection of

Head of Department Klimcheva Lyubov

Ph.D., professor



Assessment of commercial risk traders and ways to minimize them

080502.65 "Economics and Management of trade and catering"

Faculty: regional

Group EP 501

Artist ________________ W ***** Andrey

/ Signature /

Supervisor Lyudmila Kalinina _______________ L.

/ Signature /

Check Standards _____________ Maklakova Vera

/ Signature /

Reviewer __________________ Trapeznikova Alena Vladimirovna

/ Signature /

Date protection "_____" _____________ 2010.

Rated 4

Ekaterinburg 2010

Introduction 2

1 Risk as an economic category 5

1.1 Nature and types of risk in modern conditions 5

1.2 Commercial risks and their manifestations 17

1.3 Methods and main directions of optimization of risk 26

2 Assessment of the commercial risks of commercial enterprise "Ecology home" 39

2.1 Organizational-economic characteristics of the enterprise 39

2.2 Analysis of the main economic indicators of the company 48

2.3 Assessment of the commercial risks of the enterprise 60

3 recommendations and measures to reduce the commercial risks of commercial enterprise "Ecology home" 68

Conclusion 79

List of sources used 83

Appendix A 86
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