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1. What is the subject of banking law?

2. The objectives of the Bank of Russia is not:

3. The Bank of Russia has registered capital of:

4. Provision of loans the Bank of Russia can not act:

5. The Bank of Russia re-examination of a credit institution (its branch) of the same issues for the same reporting period, is allowed on the following grounds:

6. The nature of investments in the bank's share capital are distinguished:

7. The minimum size of the authorized capital of newly registered bank on the day the application for the state registration and issuance of a license to conduct banking operations is set to the amount of:

8. License for banking operations issued for:

9. A credit institution is obliged to publish the balance sheet and income statement with the conclusion of the audit firm (auditor) about their authenticity:

10. The governing bodies of the credit institution are:

11. can not be used for the formation of the charter capital of a credit organization:

12. Takes the decision to issue banknotes and coins of the Bank of Russia the new model, the withdrawal from circulation of banknotes and coins of old Bank of Russia, according to ratings and samples of the new currency:

13. The adequacy of own funds (capital) is defined as

14. In any case, the Bank of Russia is obliged to withdraw the license for banking operations:

15. The procedure for conducting cash operations in the Russian Federation states:

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Federal Law "On the Central Bank (Bank of Russia)."

Federal Law "On Banks and Banking Activity".

Vishnevskaya EV Banking Law. M: MIEMP 2010.

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