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1. In accordance with the legislation under the budget means:

2.Svod budget system of the Russian Federation for a particular territory without inter-budget transfers between these budgets - is:

3.Byudzhetnoe rights as an integral structural element interconnected with the financial law:

4.Regulirovanie budgetary relations are

5.Zakon the budget comes into force:

6.Finansovoe, budget law began to take shape in Russia

7.Ko the second level of the budgetary system of the Russian Federation include:

8.Byudzhety state and regional budget funds are:

9.Byudzhety municipalities shall be approved in the form of

10.Ispolzovanie federal authorities of other forms of education and spending money intended for the execution of expenditure obligations of the Russian Federation, other than the budget ,:

11.Opredelenie budgetary powers of the state authorities of the Russian Federation and local self-government, establishment and execution of expenditure obligations, the formation of tax and non-tax revenues of budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation and local budgets, the definition of the scope, forms and procedures of intergovernmental transfers in accordance with the common principles and trebovaniyamizakrepleno in principle:

12. As the principles of the budget system stipulates that the amount provided byudzhetomraskhodov must match the total amount of budget revenues and deficit financing postupleniyistochnikov reduced by the amount of payments from the budget related to the sources of financing the budget deficit and izmeneniemostatkov schetahpo on account of the budgets?

13.K main objects of science budget law include:

14.Kod types of income, in accordance with the budget classification includes

15.Poryadok formation of the list and codes of purpose items and types of expenditure budgets in part related to the public with regulatory obligations, maintenance of activity (implementation of powers) public authorities (government agencies) and local governments, sets

16.Perechen chief administrators of sources of financing budget deficits states:

17.Po object of legal regulation usually distinguished:

18. In the structure of the budget relationship include:

19.Edinymi to the budget system of the Russian Federation, groups and subgroups of budget revenues are:

20.Protsess carried out by the authorities of a higher level in order to diminish the differences in the levels of socio-economic development of lower-level areas to ensure their citizens of a certain state guarantees, the minimum level is called:

21.V part of budget revenues from the use of property vgosudarstvennoy or municipal property are:

22.K gratuitous revenue does not include:

23.Sredstva self taxation of citizens are:

24.V composition of oil and gas revenues are included (choose the most accurate statement):

25.Nalogovye revenues provided by special tax regimes shall be credited:

26.K tax revenues of local budgets include:

27.Poryadok deductions from federal and regional taxes to the local budgets in accordance with the Budget Code of the Russian Federation is determined by:

28. In the budgets of municipal districts shall be credited at the rate of 100 per cent of tax revenues from the following federal taxes and fees:

29.Kakoy kind of budget expenditures contributes to the creation and expansion of social and economic infrastructure?

30.Obespechenie perform the functions of public institutions related to this kind of budget allocations as:

31.Po directions spending money funds, formed by the state, allocate:

32.K budgetary funds of social purpose does not include:

33.Dolgovye obligations of the Russian Federation for a term of 4 years - a commitment

34.Naibolee common form (appearance) of formation of government debt

The Russian Federation are

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Budget Code

Budget Law / Ed. NA Satarovoy- yard Business SPb .: 2009.

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