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1. A contract under which the supplier - seller engaged in entrepreneurial activity is obligated to transfer vobuslovlenny term or terms produced or procured their goods to the buyer for use in a business or other purposes not related to personal, family, household and other similar use - this ...

2. Trading revolution in the United States and then in Western Europe has occurred:

3. Universal market - it's ...

4. Sources of commercial law include:

5. Dealers - it's ...

6. Special (target limited) have the capacity to:

7. According to the law the maximum number of participants in an LLC may be:

8. In the course of the bankruptcy procedure as the surveillance function of the arbitration manager performs:

9. In commercial law the concept of goods is not included

10. The circumstances of force majeure refers ...

In each question 4 answer. True answer selected!


The Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Belyaeva OA Commercial law in Russia: lectures (3rd ed., Rev. And ext.). - M .: ZAO Yustitsinform 2009.

BI Puginsky Commercial law in Russia. Textbook. M .: Mirror 2008.

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