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You start to learn the discipline of "Quality Management". This course - a kind of deepening the study of technology management, continued increasing their professional knowledge in the field of modern management disciplines that you have to implement in practice.

Modern organizations develop, improve competitiveness and adapt to new changing market conditions. Competent employees and managers increasingly are forced to build their organizational behavior in the system. World practice has proved that the greatest benefit is obtained organizations and their employees who work in the system of quality certified, such as TQM system in Japanese companies to ensure stable growth of internal and external indicators of their development. Study methods of quality management as a way of application of knowledge and skills in practice and is dedicated to our course.

The course assumes that, in addition to the lecture material, you yourself work through additional material from textbooks and online resources. Some of the sources listed in the supplementary materials to the themes.

The successful development of the course is impossible without the implementation of a series of control measures. They include how to test, and creative tasks, the implementation of which will allow you to better link the theoretical aspects of the discipline and practice and a better understanding of the nature and value of the course.
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