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Teaching Materials

RSUH 2011

For a specialty 030501-Law

Educational-methodical complex on the course "Law enforcement authorities" is designed for students of this discipline in the afternoon, evening and correspondence departments of the Faculty of Law.

TMC aims to provide comprehensive assistance to the students in the study of these disciplines and promotes the effective operation of its study during extracurricular time.

The structure educational complex includes: program of the course, a list of sources and literature, the theme of the course plans, plans of seminars, the system current and final control of knowledge of students on the course test questions, questions offset guidelines for the preparation and writing of tests, exemplary theme theses tests. Components of the educational complex and interrelated based on common organizational and methodological principles of construction of the course.

Discipline "Law enforcement authorities" refers to the federal educational component and is included in the curriculum of the specialty "Jurisprudence" (cycle of general disciplines).
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