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$5 the discount is 3%
$10 the discount is 5%
$20 the discount is 8%
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$80 the discount is 14%

Final exam RFEI "History" 50 questions.

Answers to the 50 questions in the form of a table.

A separate file containing all the questions.

Questions for comparison:

1. The principle of "Never invent something that no demand" sfor¬muliroval:

a) T. Edison,

b) V. Siemens

c) J. Phillips.

2. Career Werner Siemens began in:

a) agriculture,

b) army,

in university.

3. Royal title in 1916, was assigned to the company:

a) Siemens,

b) General Electric,

a) Philips.


49. The company Dell prefers to sell its products:

a) through the usual retail network,

b) through its network of specialty stores around the world,

c) discounts on request.

50. Technology and the Java language was developed by:

a) Microsoft,

b) Sun,

a) Oracle.

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