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This file contains a huge amount of RUSSIAN sayings. All sayings are divided into groups A, B, C, D, E, F ...... itd. Has a handy search for sayings.

That's like a little clippings of the groups:

- = A = -

But things are there.

And where is the soup, and then we look for.

And it happened - and the wolf ate the goat.

And how thin the prince, and in the mud.

A casket just opened.

Already Babylos hid in the grave.

Abrosov not ask, and will - will not leave.

August-care-work father flatters man.

Aviron is not afraid of crows, and jackdaws have sticks.

Abiram traits gave the defense - yes owl crow.

Perhaps yes somehow will bring to no good.

Perhaps yes I suppose - Come take.

Perhaps yes I suppose - siblings, two sleepers.

Perhaps yes I suppose such a backwater, though cast.

Perhaps yes I suppose - though cast.

Perhaps we shall live, perhaps we die.

Perhaps the deposit does not.

Perhaps to us into the yard the sun rises.

Perhaps, and pushes a side of the fisherman.

Perhaps take out the curve.

Perhaps no Vietnamese rope, but it hurts the loop

- = B = -

Baba was angry at the bargaining and negotiating that and does not know.

Baba and feature outwit.

Baba and to the market three years be angry, and market order and notice: Yes about going.

Half witch Baba either die or be alive.

Baba dancing, and his grandfather was crying.

Baba spins - no two shirts is, and not a man spins - but not naked walks.

A woman with a cart - the mare is easier.

A woman with a flying furnace - seventy-seven doom change his mind.

Baba tears trouble helps.

The women feast worse penalty.

Baba - red, men - plow.

Babi age - forty years.

Babi mind - Indian yoke: and the crooked, and zarubisto, and on both ends.

Babi mind better than any thoughts.

Grandma with gruel, and his grandfather with a spoon.

Baba more so wench less.

Grandmother Barbara at the world three years be angry; and he died so that the world did not recognize.

- = O = -

About Wolf engagement, and the wolf and then.

Oh honey at least a year think the mouth is not sweet.

About cuckoo cuckoo that his nest there.

What do not they say, that did not pry.

On a sigh, and all pathetic.

Both holy matchmaker, but hurt Shaggy.

Obvykla dog run for the wagon.

Pondered, but not otdumyvay.

Lunch not paint spoon and consumers.

Lunch on the songs sung and dinner at dances prokruzhen.

Lunch not dinner as the owner is not.

Lunch then cook when wood burns.

Dined at a party - and to his call.

The promised hat over his ears will not go.

The promised three-year wait.

Scalded with milk, blows on the water.

Obzhiveshsya - and hell well.

Offended offend - currently unwilling good

- = W = -

Tea drinking - do not cut wood.

Tea, to notice where the gulls fly.

Chan meat, but the taste is not.

Hour minёsh, age live.

An hour from bad to worse.

Hour endure and live a century.

Hour miss, do not make up for the year.

An hour of kvas, sometimes with water.

Most of the cap is taken, will not soon go away.

Often kadish - Saints began to smoke.

Frequent revelry izvedut mite.

Swagger on a hundred rubles, and the bellies of three mite.

Swank did not mind, and nedoumie.

What else do not love, and that he did not do.

What is not in the commodity surcharges, and that will not get.

What the eyes do not doglyadish, the purse surcharge.

What the eye does not see, and that language is not delirious.

- = X = -

I would have drowned it in a spoon.

I was turner, and his wife did not Tovo - well, I do and I do not Tovo.

I'm talking about Ivan, but you're talking about a boob.

I tear up the throat, and it take income.

I rescued him, and he taught me.

Well I'm the birthday boy, but I do not have the cake and rail.

I for
And this is only a small part of all the wealth that brings in this product.

By purchasing the goods you received BLSHOY PRODUCT RELATIVES SAYINGS .... Enrich your vocabulary ..... itd itp

You decide, Price small in nature as a whole is the cultural heritage of the country ....
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