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Note: this is a more expensive version of our lottery https://clck.ru/9L8ps

In this lottery NO games below 99 rubles. Here are played as keys for Steam and Origin and Gift.

The main rule: if you find a game cheaper than the price you paid, we will refund you the coupon equivalent to the cost of the game in the Steam / Origin, which you can spend in our store. The game will have you!

* Cost considered at a retail price at the sites. Discounts and holiday sales are not considered.

** We issue a voucher with just any cheap game only to those who otpishet positive feedback. If you have problems do not immediately write a complaint, otpishite us and we will help you.


I want to draw your attention that for every positive review you get a discount coupon for the site PlatiRu. You can sum up the coupons and take in the future for free or at a deep discount products on the site.

Just draw your attention that for all purchases perfect for me, you are guaranteed to save up a cumulative discount on all products.
http://freg.at/list - other goods with discounts

After purchase you will receive information for which platform key or GIFT. So do not worry that you have to picks.


1. Games are activated in Steam or Origin (to be specified after the purchase).

2. The / Gift can be activated once. After it becomes invalid.

3. If you have already activated a key, you can activate it on another account.

4. If you do not like the game - do not swear. This is a random lottery. Try again. In any case, if you write a positive response that disappointed, then you will have a chance to get a free game in hand.

5. If you have a game - give to a friend. Exchange do not produce, because I do not know from what and where a key.

6. If you caught Gift, you´ll see when you activate that kind of game and you will have a choice: to activate your account, or keep in your inventory to give to a friend or share.

7. If you are dissatisfied with something, do not leave negative feedback. Just write through internal mail. We will try to help you.

8. The negative reviews in the drawing are not involved. Read claim 7.

9. Do not write us to write the names of the games. We do not know them. We have all the keys are mixed.
25.08.2020 14:25:32
Nice!I got a 20 euro game!!!
16.04.2020 9:02:20
Доволен покупкой. Выпала коллекция 3-ёх игр общей стоимостью 300 рублей.
24.07.2019 19:54:55
Во второй раз выпал Train2, без скидки стоит 500
24.07.2019 19:48:16
Выпал Woodcutter Simulator 2013 =) В стиме 195 стоит =)
15.01.2019 16:18:47
16.01.2017 5:57:24
Досталась весьма неплохая игра Lunar Flight. Хорошая рулетка.
13.11.2016 17:27:19
Игра за 169р. Правда игра 2000 года ))) Может подарок дадут )
21.05.2016 11:11:27
Спасибо. Crash Time 2
23.04.2016 17:40:14
Спасибо за ключ ! "коплю на игру"
13.01.2016 2:15:25