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Content: Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack DLC - 0095.txt (17 B)
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Uploaded: 31.05.2022

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After payment, you instantly receive a license key to activate the Kombat Pack DLC add-on in the Mortal Kombat X game in the Steam system and enable all network functions in the game.

Attention!!! To activate this add-on, you must have the main game Morta Kombat X on your account.

Our guarantees:
- 14 years old on! Quality tested by time!
- More than 120 thousand sales!
- Over 20 thousand positive comments!
- Business level Webmoney - 550!
- For all goods a lifetime warranty!

The game has no territorial restrictions - REGION FREE and is suitable for activation in any country.

The game has no territorial restrictions.

The Kombat Pack subscription provides early access to 4 additional characters (and also other materials), among which there are both classic MK fighters and specially invited guest characters. All materials will be available during this year. The holders of the subscription are guaranteed to have access to them before the commencement of regular sales.

Shred opponents in the role of the terrible Jason Vurhiz from the movie "Friday, 13th". Become a Predator, the ideal hunter from the eponymous series of films. Or choose one of the two classic characters of Mortal Kombat - Tanya or Tremora. Each of these characters will be accompanied by an additional set of three thematic guises for other characters of the game.

In addition, on the day of the game´s release, all buyers of the Kombat Pack subscription will receive a set of "Samurai" that includes three new looks: for Kenshi (Ronin), Shinnok (Samurai) and Kitana (Jing).

@MediaSoft - 15 years old on! Quality tested by time!
Key activation instructions:

1. Download and install Steam, register your account on Steam.
2. Start the Steam client, log in to your account and click the "Add game - activate via Steam" button and follow the instructions. After activation, the game appears in the list of games and you can download it.

If you have additional questions, contact the seller in the online chat or write to e-mail.

Attention! The seller is only responsible for the activation of the key or the gilt! And is not responsible for technical problems when starting, in-game and non-compliance of PC and system parameters. All such problems are solved through official technical support of publishers.

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11.06.2022 23:56:36
09.08.2018 19:30:18
Спасибо ключ пришел в формате .txt и ключ сработал, ПРОВЕРЕНО НЕ КИДАЕТ
23.05.2018 14:15:17
Как всегда все супер!! Хочу подарок!!!
12.09.2015 14:55:36
На удивление всё сразу пришло и сразу активировалось.
За такую цену просто шикарно :)
09.09.2015 14:10:57
Активировал без проблем. Не первая покупка у этого продавца. Всегда без замечаний. Хочу подарок.
20.06.2014 12:50:15
Все качественно и быстро! Спасибо!

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