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World Of Warcraft: Battle for Pets

buying this product you get the following:

1. Achievements Win 1000 battles pets. Win 250 battles pets. Win 50 battles pets. Win 10 battles pets. Win 1000 battles pets mode PvP. Win 250 battles pets mode PvP. Win 50 battles pets mode PvP. Win 10 battles pets mode PvP. Win 25 fights in a row pets. Win 10 fights in a row pets. Win 5 battles in a row pets mode PvP, without losing a single pet.

2. unique personal 20-25 different kinds of stones, with which you can improve your pets to a "rare."

3. Unique stones that are universal to raise the level to "rarely" any kind of pets. Flawless stone fights that can also be sold at auction to the highest bidder.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------

This type of service is provided only with the transfer of the account. Your account is in good hands, and nothing except your username and password are not required

Timeline for 24-48 hours from the transfer account.

It is also possible pumping your pets to the 25th level

REQUIREMENTS: You must have at least 1-2 pet 25th level.

Certainly after the payment be contacted by Skype.
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