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Before paying, please contact the operator in any convenient way for you.

The service is available to characters level 85+, with any level of items.
-After Payment you need to contact the operator way you want and report: verification code or account number, nickname of your character, and your faction Battletag.
-For The execution of the order is not necessary to transfer data to your account.
-Ordering Performed at a convenient time for you (agreed with the operator).

We guarantee the confidentiality of service performance. All data that you enter in order, visible only to you, the seller and the administration marketplace.
Making on any server (RU / EU), for any fraction of any class. For the goods do not need to transfer to a different server.
07.10.2016 13:04:54
Маунт получен, спасибо!)
18.02.2014 6:56:04
Товар получил все прошло отлично!