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Pick Pocket (Horn) in the Jade Forest location -> Windward Island (right map large island.).

You buy a route for BIMS bot optimized to collect the maximum amount of gold and chests in an hour!

The route is suitable as the characters of the Horde and the Alliance. The main condition - it is the 90th level!

For a quiet farming You are advised to follow-bot for the first round 1-2 and set the distance Zell route is not more than 30.

(Tab "Setting buttons".).

If your bot enough Pharma or you simply tired of "train" bots moving on the same routes free - you make the right choice by purchasing this route!

Also buying this route you will find in the archive mashrut-reverse (movement in the opposite direction) is used if you have more than one boat, they do not interfere with each other in the pharma!
04.08.2014 8:35:55
попробую советы продавца если будет время.