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If you do not find a ready-made, desired job in English, write in the message. Is a quality and cost of dumping.

IX version

I. Write a short story (proposals 10-15) in the English language travel.

II. Image from the following nouns plural, move:

country, sauce, child, bench, play, information, juice, table, duty, lecture

III. Put much, many, little, few, a little, a few:

1. You have a bad mark, you have too ... mistakes in your work.

2. How ... times a week do you go to the college?

3. I just write you the address, give me, please, ... paper.

4. You'll stay there only two days, but you have so ... bags!

5. ... people will get the second education.

IV. Put the verbs in parentheses in the right temporal form:

1. I (learn) English at school.

2. You (not have) your breakfast yet?

3. He (play) tennis now.

4. It (rain) when I went for a walk.

5. When I (come) the lecture already (start).

V. Read, translate with a dictionary, answer the question:

The Tower

Looking at the Tower you feel its close connection to the historical past of England (it was built in the 15th century) with its constant and cruel fighting for power. Since the time of its erection the Tower of London has served many purposes: first a king's palace, then a fortress and a political prison. Now it is a museum.

What is the Tower?

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