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Licensed copy the activation key XCOM: Enemy Within for Steam.

To use the add-ons, you must have activated the game on Steam XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


XCOM®: Enemy Within - this addition to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the strategy received the title "Game of the Year" in 2012. The Enemy Within appears a huge range of new skills, improvements and weapons to combat the alien threat. Also added a lot of new maps and missions, new elements of tactical and strategic gameplay and new content for multiplayer games, giving a lot of new sensations.

Key Features

New skills soldier: build a laboratory of genetics to improve the physical abilities operatives, including for strengthening the chest, brain, eyes, skin and feet. Or build a laboratory of cybernetics, to make possible the creation of a new Mechanized exoskeleton-suit, he's IEC. New class - fighter IEC - endowed with special skills, and each costume can be completed with new weapons such as the flamethrower and grenade launcher.

New weapons and equipment: provide its operatives additional tactical advantage through advanced designs of your team of engineers and foundry.

New enemies: use other tactics to confront the two new types of enemies and deadly organization called EXALT.

New strategic resource: a valuable open new alien life, known as "" part of "." Extract it on the battlefield and skillfully use on the base, to open new research and improvement.

New tactical test and Cards: spy and intelligence operations throw you a new tactical challenges on 40 different maps.

The new maps, skills, and combat units: create your own arbitrary squad with a huge amount of capabilities and surpass the enemy in intense turn-based battles alone.

\u003cdelivery\u003e The key for XCOM: Enemy Within officially distributed by digital distribution without requiring a disc box or any additional options \u003c/delivery\u003e
Immediately after payment you will receive a copy of the license key XCOM: Enemy Within.


Activation of the game XCOM: Enemy Within:

1. If it is not installed Steam client, download and install it

2. Sign up for a new account if you do not already have it.

3. Log into your Steam-account

4. Select the activation of the games in the library, or add to your inventory.

5. After that, the game will appear in the "Library" section, and you can download it.


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