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1. In assessing the value of the business of the limited liability company will be the object of evaluation:

2. A measure which is beta?

3. How is the discount rate for the cash flow to equity?

4. The method of discounted cash flow does not include the step of:

5. Which of the following is most true of capitalization approach:

6. Perform any conditions required for applying the method of capital market:

7. How is the multiplier price / book value?

8. What should be used to calculate the price multiplier for different capital structure of the company and valued objects peers as the numerator?

9. The disadvantage of the cost approach in valuing a business is:

10. The methods of cost approach in the valuation of the enterprise (business) include:


11. On the basis of data for comparable companies calculated the multiplier Price / Net income = 3. Estimate the cost of 100% stake in using the following information on the project assessment: cash - 50 thousand. Rub., Long-term debt - 80 thousand. Rub. ; net profit - 220 thousand. rub., control premium - 30% .Ukazhite decision:

12. What will be the present value of the terminal value in the calculation of the cash flow to equity in the discount factor of CAPM - 0,47, WACC - 0,55, while the value of the terminal value of 500 rubles.? Enter the solution:

13. Determine the discount rate for the cash flow to invested capital of the Russian company, if it is known that the share of debt capital is 27%, risk-free rate on government obligations of the Russian Federation is 5.95%, the beta is 1.2, a market premium of 11% . Prize for the size of the company is 3.6% specific risk premium of 2%, and the weighted average pre-tax rate on loans to non-financial institutions in the past six months is 8.9%. Income tax rate 20% .Ukazhite decision:

14. Determine the present value of the terminal stoimostipri following input: the duration of the forecast period is 7 years, the cash flow of the first year post-forecast period is 870 rubles., Long-term growth rate of cash flows is 3%, the discount rate is 16%. Cash flow for the year is formed uniformly. Enter the solution:

15. It is known that the carrying amount of cash the organization of the valuation date 70 000 CU receivables 580 000 CU (8% of it is bad), the market value of the property at the date of assessment 8400 000 CU, machinery and equipment - 18,520,000 CU reserves - 000 CU 3890, financial assets - 785 000 d. e. The cost of liabilities amounted to 22.76 million CU Determine the value of the enterprise podhodom.Ukazhite expensive solution:

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Все хорошо там!
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СПАСИБО ОГРОМНОЕ!Выручаете, все что заказывала, задания зачтены, очень благодарна!