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Populous, known strategy where the player acts, no more and no less, as a god. The truth is not all-powerful god, at least for the time being. Say what you will, and God be difficult. For all at once neusledish, several cases at the same time, too, you can not do. And then there´s the small screen with a tiny terrain, and traffic on it in spurts, but not very user-friendly interface. And then, to understand our divine possibilities, it is necessary to spend a lot of time. But the possibilities of having understood, you can make some huge cases. For instance to turn a mountain plain, or raise the ocean floor above the water level, as long as people believe in you.

All Gift and keys are purchased only through official channels and are transferred to the current account of the seller.

If you have any questions, please contact Skype, or online chat.
Activation Instructions:

1. Download and install Origin. (Http://

2. Start Origin.

3. Select the language and the place where the game is installed.

4. Go to the "Origin-Set up and manage."

5. Select "Activate product code."

6. Enter a key received after payment.

7. After the game activation tab appears with your profile and the list of activated games.


We look forward to your positive feedback, thank you!

16.04.2021 5:35:46
Very interesting game, I like this game very much
29.05.2020 19:20:07

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