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Right after the payment you receive gift "Dead Space 2" to activate in steam.


About the game:

In Dead Space ™ 2, you once again to take the role of engineer Isaac Clarke from the original Dead Space. Isaac wakes up in an unknown place three years after the horrific events in the USG Ishimura, a spaceship-class "Planetary Ripper", where for the first time and met with the reanimated corpses - "Necromorphs". After Isaac destroyed Obelisk - a mysterious artifact, animating the dead, he turns on Titan, Saturn's moon. Isaac does not remember what happened to him over the past three years, he suffers from a serious mental disorder and constantly sees his dead girl Nicole. For unknown reasons, people again began to turn into horrific Necromorphs. Isaac will have to go through this nightmare for the second time, and find answers to their many questions.


The multi-dimensional game world. There is nothing more impressive than the vast world that we can learn and study. In other words, afford to buy Dead Space 2, you will open up a plethora of opportunities. In the second part of the popular action of users waiting for an even more impressive and varied world, where every corner you in danger.

Having overcome his fear. After some modifications on the part of the developers, the game has become even more daunting. Now, all gamers will be able to experience in their own skin the phenomenal level of danger that provides the game's plot. At the same time, literally everywhere you will wait eerie mutant creatures with special abilities and incredible vitality.

New features and weapons. In order to defeat opponents in this part of the game. Alone improvised skills will not be enough. In your arsenal appear most widespread abundance of various multipurpose weapon which is capable in the shortest deadlines to send to the light of any monster. Also, now you can punch trim city and send their enemies directly in space.

The new suit. Because you will be able to provide themselves with a new protective suit, all your actions will become even more dynamic. That is, by a new suit, you will be able to overcome the force of gravity, to move quickly around the city and to develop a completely different skills on the battlefield, allowing to deal even with the very serious opponents.

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\u003cdelivery\u003e Key for Dead Space 2 officially distributed by digital distribution without requiring a disc box or any additional options \u003c/delivery\u003e
The procedure for obtaining steam gift "Dead Space 2":

1. Pay for goods

2. Get a reference to Gift

3. Log in to your account or create a new steam if it is not.

4. Get a Gift for the resulting url

5. Enjoy the game.


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