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You buy game currency in the game World of Warcraft on all Russian servers.

* We offer a currency at a low, affordable prices.

* Issuance of gold occurs within 5-20 minutes after the order, further informs us with a unique code and get the gold in the game.

* We are more than 6 years, since 2008, guarantee secure transfer of gold, which bought the players, thereby eliminating the "unlawful Gold (Gold)" obtained by bugs, cheats, dyupov, which subsequently removed the administration of the game (Blizzard) .

* The presence of a personal certificate of Webmoney.

* Accept all types of payment.

The system of discounts depending on the amount purchased.

Minimum purchase of 20,000 gold.
03.10.2016 17:26:13
Все получил, быстро и оперативно
02.10.2016 12:20:55
Товар получил
30.09.2016 22:45:19
Всё супер! Обмен быстрый! Всем советую!
20.12.2014 19:03:00
все ок)

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