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1.Read and translate the text

Newspapers in the United States

Newspapers have declined in their influence and penetration into American households over the years. The US does not have a national paper. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are sold in most US cities.

With very few exceptions, all the newspapers in the US are privately owned.

Most general-purpose newspapers are either being printed one time a week, usually on Thursday or Friday, or are printed daily. Weekly newspapers tend to have much smaller circulation and are more prevalent in rural communities or small towns.

Probably due to competition from other media, the number of daily newspapers in the US has declined over the past half-century. In particular, the number of evening newspapers has fallen by almost one-half since 1970, while the number of morning editions and Sunday editions has grown.

For comparison, in 1950, there were 1,772 daily papers (and 1,450 - or about 70 percent - of them were evening papers) while in 2000, there were 1,480 daily papers (and 766 - or about half - of them were evening papers .)

The primary source of newspaper income is advertising - in the form of "classifieds" or inserted advertising circulars - rather than circulation income.

The largest newspapers (by circulation) in the United States are USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

2.Continue the sentences according to the text

a) The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal ...

b) Most general-purpose newspapers ...

c) Probably due to competition from other media, ...

d) Weekly newspapers tend to have ...

e) The largest newspapers (by circulation) ...

3.Find in the text the following words and word combinations

Influence -

National Newspaper -

In most cities -

Other media -

Morning Edition -

The main income -

Circulation -

Especially -

4. Open the brackets using Present Perfect or Past Simple

1.He (be) in Africa last year.

2. ... you (buy) food yet?

3.Helen just (come) back from St. Petersburg.

4.We (travel) to Spain in 2005.

5.Mum already (cook) supper.

6.She (wash) the floor two days ago.

5.Explain the meaning of the following words

Hobby, opportunity, celebrity, reliable, exaggerate, similar

6.Answer the following questions:

1.Are there any local TV channels in your city?

2.Do you watch TV regularly?

3.What is your favorite channel?

4.Can you say that reading newspapers is still very popular?

7.Use there is \\ there areor there is not \\ there aren'tto complete the sentences

1) ... a table in the corner.

2) ... some books on the table.

3) ... any water in the cup.

4) ... several schools in our city, but ... no universities.

5) ... no place like home.

6) ... a lot of noise in this room.

7) ... a few students in the hall.

8) ... no mistakes in this text.

8.Translate the sentences

1) We live near the river.

2) She entered the room.

3) I will come in two hours.

4) He was hiding behind the house.

5) I will go to the movies on Sunday.

9.Write a few sentences on one of the following subjects:

- My hobby

- The role of sport in my life

- My best friend

- The reasons why I would like to be a lawyer

- Climate in my region

- The role of technical progress in my life

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