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ATTENTION !!! INSTANTLY after the payment you receive a unique key to activate GAME WITHOUT ORIGIN regional restrictions! (REGION FREE)
Game forever associated with your Origin account and you can download it at any place and at any time.

About the game:

Burnout Paradise - is a race without any rules and restrictions. Hallmark Burnout series has been and remains a crazy crash, which reached a truly unattainable heights and are shown in the mode of slo-mo, and the cameras catch the most spectacular angles.
In Burnout Paradise added a dozen new events, cars and motorcycles appeared.
Now you´ll have to travel around the city in search of the beginning of the start, and it scattered on the map 120 intersections with traffic lights. Another novelty in the game is the presence of gas and repair stations where you will restock nitro and repair your car.
Better graphics, excellent sound and sound effects make the game truly exciting and dynamic.

All Gift and keys are purchased only through official channels and are transferred to the current account of the seller.

If you have any questions, please contact Skype, or online chat.

We look forward to your positive feedback, thank you!
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Activation Instructions:

1. Download and install Origin. (Http://
2. Start Origin.
3. Select the language and the place where the game is installed.
4. Go to the "Origin-Set up and manage."
5. Select "Activate product code."
6. Enter a key received after payment.
7. After the game activation tab appears with your profile and the list of activated games.
12.04.2021 17:15:19
This Origin game is also amazing and the shopping experience is still very good. Thank you , good seller. :)
09.09.2020 3:45:36
This site is good and cheap. Can insert the game key too, thank you very much.
28.08.2020 16:04:30
Все ОК! Хочу подарок.
23.03.2020 20:36:19
Всё быстро и достоверно. Респект продавцу и плюсик в карму)
07.01.2017 15:19:04
got everything. all worked.