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The script of an automatic subscription of a visitor to the group, cheating likes and even advertising!
(Classmates, Facebook, Vkontakte, and Youtube are added for example, but using the script no longer has a special meaning - there is a pop-up window).

This is also called a "hidden subscription" or "auto-subscription" of a visitor in a social network, by clicking on a button. Useful to the owners of traffic sites.
(Without a site and visitors on it, SCRIPT does not work!)

Also, inside there are ready-made JavaScript examples of automatic likes on individual pages of the site or individual entries.

- Works on the first click on the site page - anywhere.
- Uses only JavaScript and official buttons and widgets, without changing them (not shown to users without scripts).
- Does not cause scroll bars.
- Can determine whether a person subscribes or not (cookies, resize buttons, define a click on the frame).
- Disappears after a click and no longer bothers the visitor.
- 9 ready scripts with descriptions and settings. Everyone - for his social network.
"Most of the likes are hidden." Only Classmates every time show a window with a question for any action.
- You can collect clicks on ANY link, affiliate or advertisement!

Pleasant trifles:
- There is no limit to the number of subscribers and likes (as in the same inviting).
- Visitors - thematic, since they come from the site or your own lending on the topic.
- The script does not cost 5000r or more as analogs.
- I always provide technical support and are ready to answer questions, adapt this script to your needs.

The composition of the auto-subscription script:
• Automatically share in Mail .txt
• Auto-subscription to the Mail group. Ru
• Auto-subscription to the Facebook group (there is a window) .txt
• Auto-subscription Instagram (there is a window).txt
• Auto-subscription to the Facebook page (there is a window) .txt
• Auto-subscription to Youtube (there is a window) .txt
• Laiki on any entry on Facebook. Txt
• Obsessive subscription to the classmates group (there is a window) .txt
• Opening any link by 1 click - any affiliate, advertisement, window for subscribing to a group of VC or OD.txt
• Subscription to Vkontakte group (the window pops up) .txt
• Hidden husky on the record Vkontakte.txt
• Hidden husky on the site site of the Facebook site.txt
• Hidden husky on site page in - template for other social networks.txt
• Hidden husky on the page of the site in Google + .txt
• Hidden husky on the site´s page in Contact.txt
I added in the manual text "How did autosubscribe other":
- Auto subscribe user group Vkontakte
- Automatic subscription to Facebook
This miracle was sold for 5000r. You can compare the quality, if you´re interested.

Also, inside there is a link to the article:
- About the money on the Internet;
- Website promotion;
- Creation and promotion of groups in social networks;
- Crossposting in social networks;
- Auto-fill groups in social networks;
- Push notifications to the browser from RSS - free;
- Adaptation of sites for mobile devices.
13.06.2020 18:37:14
Fast and easy if you know how. Also answer fast when you´ve any question. :)
30.05.2016 10:14:35
11.01.2016 19:39:55
Класс )) и продукт и поддержка