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We offer a guide to building and using the machine for the production of gasoline from


Prepared by this unit liquid - methanol (methyl alcohol)

Pure methanol is used as solvent and as a high-octane additive to motor fuel, as well as the same high-octane (150 octane rating equal) gasoline. This is the gasoline, which is charged with tanks of racing cars and motorcycles, as well as aircraft engines propeller-driven airplanes and helicopters of civil and military aviation.

As the foreign studies, engine running on methanol, is many times longer than a conventional gasoline (often questionable quality), the engine power is increased by 20% (at a constant working volume of the engine). The exhaust of such an engine is environmentally friendly and when testing it on the toxicity of harmful substances are virtually absent.

Small apparatus described in this publication, easy to manufacture and does not require special knowledge and scarce parts fail-safe operation. Its performance is dependent on various causes, including their dimensions.

The publication is a text file in the format of MSWord, contain detailed drawings of the device, a description of its operating principle, the recommendations for the assembly and operation, as well as a number of useful practical tips on the use of methanol as a motor fuel.

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