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Wickland - a grim fantasy shooter in the spirit of the ancient Hexen and Heretis, where instead of brave commandos are mythical creatures that can change its shape. In conventional shooters success comes down to three factors: pryamorukih, luck and the gun in your hand. With luck and pryamorukih in Wickland things are to be expected, but with arms ...

The idea is that instead of weapons the game offers different forms of creatures that can be collected and used as needed. In total there are 8 Wickland monsters, each with their own skills and characteristics. For example, some forms of strong melee, the other - in the future. In order to finally kill the enemy, you must first kill all its forms, and then the basic human nature. The process is similar to layer by layer purification bulbs or opening nested dolls. The highlight is that every form exists in a single copy, ie, on the same card can not simultaneously be in two equal monster.

Equally interesting idea reinforced by dynamic gameplay, taken straight out of Quake 3 Arena. Battles in Wickland are at increased speed, and therefore the life of every guises short as the life-lived butterflies.

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