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The program is designed for amateurs and professionals in coin collecting

such periods as the Soviet period (1921-1991 years), Russia (1991-2005 years), and

part of the period of Tsarist Russia (1891-1917 biennium).
- Edit any information before and after the entry in the database;

- Introduced reference tables on a price range for November 2005:

a) conventional coin coinage (in rubles);

b) The coins of the State Bank of the USSR (State Emergency Committee) and Russia;

c) copper-nickel commemorative coins of the USSR and Russia;

- The ability to edit price range;

- Prices are from the catalog of the popular numismatic community directory

Konros translation in ruble equivalent at the exchange rate of 1 USD = 30 rubles.

- Is also a price tag data format Excel, for further


- An opportunity to build and print reports for coins;

- Handbook is divided by years, with a choice of dignity, and the type of series


- The user can enter the year the coin, metal, place of issue, purchase

value and the value in the catalog, and while watching to see what the overall

amount spent and for what price will sell his collection;
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