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Warmane - international server, comprises a number of players from all over the world. One of the largest and most popular privat server, with the greatest possible elaboration of game content.

Gold in the realms Warmane Icecrown

Delivery time from 5 minutes to 2 hours after telling us all the necessary information,
if the operator is online. If the operator is offline - gold will be delivered to you within 8 hours.

After payment you will receive a unique 16 digit pin code of the purchase, which is
MUST tell the operator - for fast delivery preferably directly on the payment page (check "immediately send a unique code"). You can also write in an online chat (chat button looks like a yellow head with a microphone), discord, WM-chat.

Check the spelling of the nickname and the fraction character.
Gold will go on a game-mail or exchange / auction in the game. If the order status is listed as "delivered", and there is no mail, make relog (go to and exit from the game).
Large amounts can be transmitted through the parts or exchange.
At a convenient time for you we will deliver the game currency and resources in different ways. If the delivery stated period is not feasible, you will be able to cancel the transaction and return the money.
If you were satisfied with your purchase, please write a review about it!
21.11.2020 19:44:56
Bought 36k gold. Recieved them insta after the purchase! The best site ever! Strongly recommend! :)
31.10.2020 20:18:07
15th buy or more, i dont remember. Always fast service, good prices, and great feedback if you have any questions regarding payments!
27.10.2020 1:24:59
Fast transaction. Instant Mailbox delivery
25.10.2020 17:58:59
good and on time
10.09.2020 12:06:14
all on my mailbox
08.09.2020 10:14:43
thank you...
11.12.2019 13:05:15
Fast as hell! Recommend it
10.12.2019 1:37:17
09.12.2019 20:33:56
Got the gold in 10 min after sending the code, thank you!!!!!!
09.12.2019 13:30:20
I was so skeptical, but bro 10k arrived by the minute.