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Leveling your character a professional diver, deadline services 2-4 days.
This service is absolutely safe, as you transmit to us only username and password from the account, not a secret question and answer.
At the end of leveling your character, you get lvl 100, 15-20k Gold, 15-20 and colleagues.
After payment, you should inform our operator the following information:
1) Log on WOW Account
2) account password WOW
3) The server, faction and character name for which the service is purchased.
4) The unique product code (16 characters)

Please note that at the time of pumping can not go to the account, this service requires the transfer of your account to our driver.
Power leveling can be ordered on the official European servers WoW.
Power leveling character level 1-90 -
Power leveling character level 90-100 -
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