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Spark Rising in STEAM!

Without regional restrictions (Rest Of World (ROW) - Region Free / World Wide Steam Key)!

About the game: Spark Rising is a FPS where you conquer worlds and fight back against a mad god that is tearing the galaxy asunder. You play as a Spark Bot and you must betray your master god to save what´s left before reality is twisted all to hell. The problem is ... how do you fight back against a god that can break heaven, earth and hell? Plunder rare crystals and loot to build up enough power to fight back. And perhaps the story might end with you as a hero. Join us in this journey in the creation of Spark Rising! MASSIVE BATTLES. Engage in battles, destroying one base another another, conquering one planet after another ... you´re thirsty ... for destruction! What makes our battles so much fun?
GAMEPLAY FEATURES: Dynamically Changing Galaxy - No two locations are ever the same as some battle maps are procedurally generated, others are user generated. Destructible Fortresses - All structures and defenses are completely destructible. Upgrade your Battle Exo-Suits - Gather rare crystals and loot to upgrade your exo-suits to take on a god. Creative Mode - Build stuff ... Sandbox-style!

After the purchase is necessary to:

1. Download and install Steam http://steampowered.com/about (if not already installed);
2. Register your new account on Steam or go to an existing one;
3. In the top menu, open the Steam window select "Game" and there select "Activate via Steam».
4. Enter the activation key, click "Next" - the game is activated.
5. After activation key the game will appear in the list of "Games Library", from here you will be able to download it / install, and then start playing.
14.12.2016 18:14:52