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Gold for server
Selling gold is conducted on an unofficial server - a unique game server of World of Warcraft database version 3.3.5a+.

Delivery time from 5 minutes to 2 hours after telling us all the necessary information.
If the operator is offline, Gold will be delivered to you within 24 hours.attentionIMPORTANT: </ attention>
After payment You get a unique 16 digit pin code for purchases that
Must inform the operator - for fast delivery preferably directly on the payment page (check "immediately send a unique code"). You can also write in an online chat.

Check the spelling of the nickname and the fraction character.
Gold goes to the playing-mail. If the order status is listed as "delivered," and there is no mail, make relog (go and get out of the game).
Large amounts can be transmitted through the exchange of parts or.
At a convenient time for you, we will deliver game currency and resources in various ways. Our guarantees are a personal Web Money passport, and we have over 9 years of experience in online games sales. If delivery is not carried out within the stated time, you can independently cancel the transaction and return the money.

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20.02.2022 17:37:46
Второй раз беру, все круто.
13.02.2022 17:56:13
все круто, спасибо.
24.08.2020 9:02:04
22.08.2020 11:40:28
Чётко,быстро и больше.
05.07.2020 11:21:06
Все хорошо!
05.02.2020 12:27:07
Всё круто оплатил через пару часов зашёл в игру и мне передали деньги через обмен!
23.12.2018 19:33:27
Всё хорошо, товар доставили
21.07.2018 21:06:38
11.06.2018 9:44:25
Все пришло спасибо!
03.06.2018 21:52:48
Все отлично спасибо продавцу!буду еще покупать!

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