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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$50 the discount is 3%
$70 the discount is 5%
$100 the discount is 10%
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1, the Service requires account sharing.
2 the Presence of silver on all the time.
3 Work only on top-end equipment with 100% crew , the minimum 1 line of perks working. Check with the operator.
( if you have not provided necessary equipment, we make a return for the given problem. )
4 Perks and equipment can change at its discretion for a particular task.
( for silver or gold at your discretion )
5 Specific dates to complete tasks no. Since many tasks do not depend on the skill of the driver, and from the great God of randomness.
6 For any request, we can make refund. The Commission for a refund in the amount of 3-5% of the amount will be at your expense.
( return only committed to webmoney, Yandex money, qiwi, mobile operator
7 by purchasing this service, you agree to the above CONDITION AND RULES.


1. Calculator in the upper right corner of the window you can choose your desired LBS, and choose a convenient payment method .
(Prices quoted are for completion with honors of 15 jobs in their chosen branch of technology)
2. Buy more, then You will receive a unique 16-digit code.
( code is not magic and does not give you the run LBS , it is necessary to confirm payment for the service )
3. Let the unique code to the operator by any convenient for You (icq, Skype, online chat).
4. The operator will give you the details of the transaction.
(If the operator is off. tell us all necessary details and we will proceed to discharge at working time from 10 to 24+ GMT)

Our experienced driver ( driver ) will do the work as quickly as possible and with a high win rate from 50% to 60%.( if running on RT may decrease the stats slightly)
24.02.2020 15:37:38

Просто супер,лбз лт15 и ст15 выполнено за пару часов, рекомендую 5+
05.03.2019 7:10:23
Быстро и профессионально. Fast and professional service.
10.10.2017 9:03:03
все сделали отлично молодцы
03.07.2017 21:54:21
07.04.2017 21:07:25
классный сайт всем рекомендую
24.02.2017 12:52:45
Хороший оператор, ЛТ-15 за 4 боя выполнили а вместе с этим денюжек пофармили и % подняли. Советую !
08.01.2017 14:13:09
ст15 за 1 бой.
06.01.2017 20:51:18
ст 15 сделали сразу! Рекомендую
30.11.2016 9:53:44
5 баллов, сделали все очень быстро, всего за один бой!!!!! Спасибо вам большое и удачи!!
07.07.2016 1:00:49
17.06.2016 23:33:33
круто очень крута 2 боя
17.06.2016 23:32:10
Вы демоны просто ) зачёт )
05.04.2016 8:03:47
Хочу поблагодарить всю команду данного сервиса ! Огромное вам спасибо ! Заказывал лбз ЛТ-15 ( на Concept ) - не мог выполнить 3 или 4 месяца. И буквально за 20 боёв мне выполнили задачу с отличием. Хочу пожать всем вам руки !!! Успехов вам в вашей работе !
31.03.2016 20:47:47
Два ЛБЗ сделали за 5 боев, КРАСАВЧИКИ!!!!

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