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4G + / Wi-Fi router MegaFon R100-1 - is the optimum solution for wireless Internet access.

The router works with networks 4G + / 3G / 2G. Fast wireless internet access anywhere, even while roaming.

To a router, you can connect:

    up to 32 Wi-Fi clients

This solution "turnkey" - in the area of the 3G technology allows the router to surf the Internet and talk on the normal office phone. It supports SMS, and balance inquiry. Access to the Internet via a router R100-1 is possible only with SIM-card MegaFon. But on our site you can purchase the official unlock code network:


For the calculation of the code we write the IMEI number of your router.
IMEI can be found on the Home tab - Device Information (as pictured above)
By IMEI, we calculate a unique code for your Huawei E5172 and send you.

After receiving the unlock code from the operator

1. Insert the SIM-card of another operator.
2. Go to the Web-based interface for your router.
3. On the Internet under lock SIM-card enter the code to unlock it.
4. Enter the received code device will be unlocked once and for all and do not require the code.
How long to wait have to wait for an unlock code?

Typically, the code is sent immediately after the payment, but we are all people and administrators of this site as well.
We may be busy or absent for some time.
Nevertheless, we aim to process your application as soon as possible, so long you do not have to wait.

p.s. If you pay for the goods, but incorrectly entered your IMEI modem, contact the operator at the specified coordinates (e-mail, icq), we will look at your situation. Making the payment you agree to the terms of service, and confirm that you understand how to use (where to enter, etc.) resulting NCK code.

Before buying, check the code if you have not exhausted attempts to enter the code - the modem asks to enter the network code.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will need to fill in the following fields:
- E-mail address (email);
- IMEI modem;
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of purchase and sale of goods.
20.09.2018 22:32:33
Отлично, модем разблокировался
08.09.2018 10:21:21
14.02.2017 11:34:03
Всё отлично. Прислали два кода. Подошёл первый. Розлочил уже третий роутер у них.
11.02.2017 15:36:59
Очень оперативно, через 3 минуты уже пришел код разблокировки, роутер разлочен, спасибо!!!
19.10.2016 22:07:36
Отлично. первый подошел. Спасибо.