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GT - I8580, I8730T, I9128E, I9152P, I9195H, I9195L, I9195T, I9197, I9208, I9210T, I9295, I9300I, I9301I, I9301Q, I9305N, I9305T,
I9505G, I9507, I9508V, I9515, I9515L,
N5120, S6310L, S7272C, S7275B, S7275R, S7275T, S7275Y
SC - 01F, 02E, 02F, 03E, 04E, 04F, 06D,
SGH - I257M, I337Z, I437P, I437Z, I467M, I527, I527M, I547, M819N, M919, M919N, M919V, S730M, S970G, T999N,
SHV - E250K, E250L, E250S, E300L, E300K, E330L, E330S, E370K, E400S, E470S
SM - 910W8, A3000, A3009, A300F, A300FU, A300G, A300H, A300HQ, A300M, A300XU, A300XZ, A300YZ,
A5000, A5009, A500F, A500F1, A500FQ, A500FU, A500G, A500H, A500HQ, A500K, A500L, A500M, A500S, A500X, A500XZ, A500Y, A500YZ,
A7000, A7009, A700H, A8000,
C105, G3139D, G3502C, G3502I, G3502L, G3502T, G3508J, G350L, G350M, G357FZ, G3586V, G3588V, G3815, G386T1, G386W, G530BT, G530H, G530W, G710, G7102, G7102T, G7105, G7105H, G7105L, G7106, G7108, G710K, G710L, G730A, G730W8, G7508Q,
G800H, G800HQ, G850A, G850W, G870A, G870W, G9006V, G9008V, G900A, G900AZ, G900F, G900FD, G900FQ, G900I, G900K, G900K, G900M, G900MD, G900T, G900T1, G900W8, G901F,
J500FN, J500G, J500H, J500M, N7502, N7606V,
N9002, N9005, N9006, N9008, N9008S, N9008V, N9009, N900A, N900K, N900L, N900S, N900T, N900W8, N9100, N9108V, N910A, N910F, N910G, N910T, N910T2, N910T3, N910W8
N9150, N915A, N915F, N915FY, N915G, N915J, N915T, N915W8
P605, P605L, P605M, P607T, P905, P905M, P907A, S780V, S890L, S975L,
T215, T217A, T217T, T315, T325, T331, T335, T337A, T337T, T525, T531, T535, T537

1. This unlocking procedure takes only 10-15 minutes, in contrast to the calculation code in 1-3 days
2. The cost of this unlocking in the third times cheaper than Samsung unlock code.
3. This procedure does not void your warranty, not reflash the phone, do not remove the data without changing its software.

Unlock manual

1. Download and razarhiviruem the desktop driver for Samsung: http://yadi.sk/d/jpU0dDUVSd2MK
2. Set SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe on the computer after the installation push - ,, ,, Exit (the photo above shows the installation procedure)
3. After installing the driver, type in the phone * # 0808 # or * # 9090 # or * # 7284 # (depending on model). In the menu that appears, select - DM + MODEM + ADB (see the photo above.)
Press - OK ,, ,, on the phone display. Reboot your phone.
4. Connect your phone is turned on to the PC. Wait for your device and install all necessary drivers. You should see 3 devices, including
 COM-PORT SAMSUNG (as in the photo above)
(If this does not happen - then either you do something not done from what is written above, or your device is not set to the standard software.
4. Download the archive where the drivers and software for unlocking Samsung´s operator and, without opening, simply drag it to the desktop - https://yadi.sk/d/lAkV2U6RSZLNV
5. Download the program to connect to the desktop (password arhiva- code) - http://www.razlo4ka.ru/Programs/Dostup/conect_razlo4ka.ru.rar
6. Start from the archive AA_v3.exe program in which you will see your ID (shown in the photo above)

NOW YOU CAN PAY SERVICE ACTIVATION. SEND US YOUR ID. Our operator will contact you configure the connection, and produce remotely unlock your phone.

 Do not pay this unlock if,
1. your model is not listed above
2. After the drivers are installed in your device manager is not defined - Com port samsung.

BETTER email us contact information to your profile, or email us your questions in a message and we´ll help you solve them.
Typically, the operator will contact you immediately after the payment, but we are all humans and administrators of this site as well.
We may be busy or absent for some time.
Nevertheless, we aim to process your application as soon as possible, so you do not have to wait long.
Before payment please contact us for further unlock time.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will need to fill in the following fields:
- E-mail address (email);
- ID of AA.exe program;
- Exact model Samsung;
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of purchase and sale of goods.
25.08.2018 14:16:41
пользуюсь услугами постоянно. проблем не было
18.06.2018 11:42:12
Спасибо огромное, у меня был заблокирован под мтс оператора самсунг s4 mini, я прочитала отзывы от покупателей в группе вконтакте https://vk.com/razlo4ka_vk до конца не верила что это правда, но решила рискнуть и получилось, за мизирную плату мне сделали все быстро и хорошо нарадоваться не могу, в группе написано все как и что делать, а администраторы если что то не понятно объясняют все точно как и что надо делать, мне помогал Денис, я осталась довольна!!!
09.07.2017 23:19:27
Быстро, качественно, надежно !
21.02.2017 15:46:35
Быстрая, качественная работа, приятно иметь дело с профессионалами!
15.01.2017 18:55:41
Разблокировали телефон быстро и успешно. Спасибо за Вашу работу!
17.12.2016 22:11:57
отличный сервис,грамотное общение,быстрое реагирование,лучшая цена.
16.11.2016 15:49:19
07.11.2016 21:09:47
просто отлично
23.10.2016 13:11:02
Спасибо! Все сделано быстро и квалифицированно!
23.10.2016 13:10:43
Спасибо! Все сделано быстро и квалифицированно!